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Episode 73

Episode 73

March 18, 2022

DHS Monthly (Ghestopo) memo

If it's barely legal its probably shady

The list 

War cures Covid or at least til the narrative no longer works

Short memories

Peace does not make money but War does

Unanswered phone calls

Episode 72

Episode 72

March 10, 2022

Red flags about the Ukranian war IMO

Fabricating a war

Hunter Biden Ties to the Bio lads in Ukraine

Watch the movie on Rumble Ukraine on fire (Youtube took it down)

History on Repeat again Color Revolution

Same tactics that Antifa and BLM used

Episode 71

Episode 71

March 3, 2022

Definition of deep water Navy and what that means 
Ukrainian Red Flags 
Crimea water supply after 2014 what happened?  
Title 10 Subtitle C Part 1 US Code 8062
Ukraine - United States Department of State



February 27, 2022

Ukraine Crisis
Russian Narrative
Holodomor Holocaust 
Financial problems in Russia 
biting off more than they can chew
WTF Chernobyl
Resources in Ukraine
Biden and China like this will help
Blankets Vs. Javelin missiles
Simplicity and accountability
Too much power given to one person, your mayor
Freedom Convoy near you 



February 20, 2022

Let the Narrative begin
Top unrelated stories
Paul Krugman 
Canadian Charter 
Counter Opinion

Episode 68

Episode 68

February 18, 2022

Current events in Canada and the world 
Liberals new hate word FREEDOM
John Durham report
Tale of Two CEOs 
LA Sherrif Department
Police brutality

Episode 67

Episode 67

February 10, 2022

Smoke and Mirrors

2021-2009 Articles

Freedom Convoy USA 

One Mans opinion DC is dead

Banning Freedom 

Mayor of Windsor

Episode 66

Episode 66

February 6, 2022

Tribute to the Canadians 
Nebraska Rep Don Bacon another Rino
Travelling Nurses Under attack
Warehouse Fire and the SEC? 
Canada's Participation 150% and Organization effort

Episode 65

Episode 65

February 3, 2022
Episode 64

Episode 64

January 30, 2022

We the People
Convoy to Ottawa US involvement
Australian Convoy 
LR14 Nebraska is #17 to join the convention of states
Act like a republic
Psychological genocide
New tee shirt added to the store
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